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May 04, 2009




Get better my friend, you sure seem to have the guts (like you haven't heard that pun a thousand times). I am from Midland, TX (40 yrs old) and just started running on Jan 5 of this year to honor a friend (36) who was very sick with 15+ brain tumors (metastatic melanoma). It is my plan to run the NYC Marathon this year in his honor. While I was familiarizing myself with this new sport for people who are obviously crazy, I watched my first marathon coverage in Jan. The marathon I watched was the 2008 NYC Marathon and that is where I saw your interview. I looked you up and decided I was going to follow your progress. Hang in there and maybe I will see you at a marathon one day. www.runningtheboroughs.com

Catherine DeCicco

Hi Gretchen,
Thanks for the update. We are happy to hear of Paul's progress. Hang in there, both of you! We are behind you 100%! You both are in our thoughts and prayers; your spirit and courage, your determination,and your humor are to be admired! THRIVE ON!
Ralph & Catherine DeCicco

Robert and Annaline Dinkelmann

Glad your surgery went well. Have a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you back on the bike.

Sheril Kern

Wishing you a speedy recovery! I'm sure we'll bump into each other at Equinox Columbus Circle.
Sheril Kern & John Hughes

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